Συντήρηση ιστοσελίδας

Πακέτα Συντήρησης

With πακέτα συντήρησης της Freezdom, σας εγγυόμαστε την διαρκώς σωστή λειτουργία της ιστοσελίδας σας.

Essential for every WordPress website




  • Website functionality check
  • Update compatibility check
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme update
  • PHP version update
  • Correction of technical issues related to the above
  • 1 time / month
Ideal for websites with frequent updates




  • + Package benefits simple
  • Update / Text changes (on main pages)
  • Update / Photo changes (on main pages)
  • Color changes (on main pages)
  • Fixing technical functionality issues
  • Fixing technical display/viewing issues
  • 2 times / month
Ideal for eShop and Blog-type websites




  • + Package benefits advanced
  • Check / Update basic SEO for posts (products or articles)
  • Photo optimization
  • Maintaining high speed and enhancing efficiency
  • Updating/Modifying the appearance/display of the website based on the theme's capabilities
  • Correction of technical issues related to the above
  • 4 times / month

The above prices do not include VAT


In general

Την επιλογή ενός από τα πακέτα συντήρησης τη συνιστούμε σε κάθε ιστοσελίδα που έχει δημιουργηθεί μέσω WordPress.

Frequent updates of plugins and themes are something you should take seriously into consideration.

Checking these updates and performing necessary upgrades is essential for the proper and continuous operation of a WordPress website.

The updates aim to:

  • Enhance the security of your website against attacks and malicious software
  • Fix any issues, flaws, or malfunctions
  • Increase the speed and ensure the proper functioning of your website

as they also provide us with new functionalities.

At Freezdom, we take care of these processes and provide you with monthly updates, so you have no reason to worry about the continuous and proper operation of your website.

How it works

By activating the website maintenance package, you will have access to the request platform (ticket), from there you will be able to send us your requests and contact us more directly for anything that concerns you (according to your package selection).

We use the requests platform (tickets) to serve you properly, always prioritizing without missing any of your requests.

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